A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

His first night on the job and the lighthouse breaks! Can you help the keeper fix it?

This was a small collaboration between a few professional game developers who wanted to make a short, cute experience. Thanks for checking it out!

Audio by Kristen Quebe

Music by Sebastian Najand

Art by Sean Coleman


TheLighthouse_PC.zip 62 MB
TheLighthouse_MAC.zip 65 MB


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awesome game. super cute and fun.

Deleted post

Super little game. Great animation and sound. Very short but lovely to play. Well done... :)

Really enjoyed this game. But there isn't much indication on how to get a new bulb. 

Wow :D It's so cute and polished! I love the music, artstyle and cute footsteps! I really hope you make a longer experience with puzzles someday soon.

Pretty FRICKIN' cute!

The gameplay looks promising. I'd like to see a full-fledged point-and-click adventure game from you. Many thanks for making this!

This was a super cool, super cute and fun little experience! I look really forward to seeing what you guys make in the future!

Link for those that want a laugh

loved your game cant wait for the full version 

THIS CAN'T BE REAL ! | The Lighthouse Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Cute a$$ & awesomely made experience that you need to extend!Loved it!!
Here is my Let's Play (combined with one more small interactive game) xD 

This game is the cutest thing ever. It made me smile. Thanks.

This game was beautiful and adorable! 


Very short game (about 5 min) but I love the style and it was fun to play. Great job!